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Developing data capacity and integrating AI: what to focus on in 2018 – Twipe

The annual report from Reuters “Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2018” is out and it’s full of interesting insights into how digital leaders in the publishing industry are focusing their efforts in 2018. The common theme that emerges is the growing importance of data and AI in the news industry. We also see…

Source: Developing data capacity and integrating AI: what to focus on in 2018 – Twipe

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How to Survive the Robot Takeover

I’d called Norman to discuss the recent backlash against the digital revolution, fueled by everything from social-media filter bubbles and Russian election hacking to dark predictions that artificial intelligence could destroy the world. In addition to writing influential books, including “The Design of Everyday Things,” he pioneered “human-centered design” and brought it to his work […]

Source: How to Survive the Robot Takeover

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I Have Been Pwned… Five Freaking Times and Counting!

Joel Latto

When I started drafting this blog post a while back, the title was “I Have Been Pwned Twice Already”. That number has since risen to five, and I’m assuming it will continue to rise as old breaches come to light and some long forgotten accounts get popped. So far, no immediate harm has been caused to me from these breaches, and I’ll contribute that silver lining to the reactive and since then proactive steps I’ve taken to ensure that’s the case now and in the future. This is how also you can harden your online presence against these (inevitable) breaches.

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