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I Have Been Pwned… Five Freaking Times and Counting!

Joel Latto

When I started drafting this blog post a while back, the title was “I Have Been Pwned Twice Already”. That number has since risen to five, and I’m assuming it will continue to rise as old breaches come to light and some long forgotten accounts get popped. So far, no immediate harm has been caused to me from these breaches, and I’ll contribute that silver lining to the reactive and since then proactive steps I’ve taken to ensure that’s the case now and in the future. This is how also you can harden your online presence against these (inevitable) breaches.

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Yritykset. Näillä yksisarvisilla kannattaa ratsastaa somessa vuonna 2018


Sain suuren kunnian osallistua Kurion some-markkinoinnin trendit 2018 –koosteeseen.

Tuijottaessani tyhjää paperia, mieleni teki aloittaa copy-pastella vuoden takaisesta kirjoituksestani, sillä koen, ettei juuri mikään ole muuttunut – paitsi markkinointialustojen ahneus, joissain yrityksissä pesivät epärealistiset odotukset sosiaalisen median sateentekijän roolista sekä vastuullisuuden rummuttaminen suurena pelastajana, lopputulosten latistuessa keppihevosteluun näennäisillä arvoilla.

Ehkäpä kokonaiskuva ei ole kuitenkaan näin synkkä.

Tässä vastaukseni Kurion trendiraportiin:

1) Merkittävin some-markkinoinnin kehityssuunta/trendi vuodelle 2018

Jos some-palveluiden virta on jo nyt täyttynyt videoista, tulemme uppoamaan entistäkin syvempään mereen. Koska liikkuvan kuvan vastaanottajilla on jo nyt haasteita keskittyä katsomaan joka suunnalta hyökyvää videoiden aaltoa, useiden minuuttien mittaisten videoiden rinnalla tullaan näkemään entistäkin enemmän muutamien sekuntien mittaisia tekeleitä, mainoksia, joilla brändit pyrkivät entistäkin tiiviimmässä muodossa tekemään lähtemättömän vaikutuksen.

Näiden joukossa myös Cinemagraph-tekniikalla toteutettuja kuvia tullaan näkemään nykyistä enemmän. Niissä jokin yksittäinen asia liikkuu samalla kun muu osa kuvasta on still-kuvaa.

Facebookin live-lähetykset muistuttavat enemmissä määrin kotimaisten kaupallisten tv-kanavien 15 vuoden takaisia chat-ohjelmia…

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“Data matters — but people are still the best sources of stories”  —  insights from investigative journalist Peter Geoghegan

Date does not count untold stories…

Online Journalism Blog

Peter Geoghegan Peter Geoghegan

In a guest post Jane Haynes speaks to investigative journalist Peter Geoghegan of the award-winning news site The Ferret about data, contacts and “nosing up the trousers of power”.

When the Scottish Government announced last month that it was banning fracking, it was a moment to savour for a group of journalists from an independent news site in the heart of the country.

The team from investigative cooperative The Ferrethad been the first news organisation to reveal plans by nine energy companies to bid for licences to extract shale gas from central Scotland.

Using a combination of contact-led information and FOI requests, they uncovered the extent of the ambitions to dig deep into Scottish soil.

Firms target more of central Scotland for fracking

It was part of a steady flow of fracking stories from the Ferret team, ensuring those involved in making decisions were in no doubt of their responsibilities and recognised that every…

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Data storytelling done right: 8 easy tips to avoid bad visualisation

Data made visual – with a thought…

Online Journalism Blog

tesselationIn a guest post for OJB, Steve Carufel interviews Dutch data journalist Thomas de Beusabout visualisation, storytelling — and useful new tools for data journalists.

Data journalism is, among other things, the art of resisting the temptation to show spectacular visualisations that fail to highlight the data behind a story.

Insights and relevant statistics can get lost in visual translation, so Thomas de BeusColourful Facts is a great place to start thinking more about clarity and your audience — and less about spectacular graphic design (although you do not want to forego attractiveness entirely).

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A New Media Picker for the iOS WordPress App

Mediatiedostot suoraan WP-sivulle iOS -laitteesta.

The Blog

Sometimes it’s the extra touches that make all the difference; on your website, that’s the photos and video that give your content life.

You asked for streamlined access to your media library and the camera and photos on your device, to make uploading and inserting photos and videos easier. We hear you loud and clear! A freshly-updated media picker is now available in version 8.5 of the WordPress app for iOS.

What’s New

The new media picker was designed to allow quicker access to your media right from the new Aztec editor. Now you can insert videos and photos without leaving the editor. Click the plus sign — just like in the desktop editor:

The picker’s toolbar has buttons that provide full screen access to media already on your device, the camera, and your site’s media library.


Whether you need to insert a photo you’ve already uploaded, capture…

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Audioboom is ending its free service. Here are some free mobile audio tools you can use instead

Online Journalism Blog

Changes afoot at audioBoom With the massive growth in podcasting globally, we have have found that in order to offset the cost of platform maintenance, upgrades and related services we can no longer provide accounts for free. So, starting 4th December 2017, audioBoom will only offer a $9.99 monthly subscription to our current users that have thus far enjoyed ad-free channels at no cost. audioBoom’s $9.99 monthly subscription is a great fit for podcasters with smaller audiences or those who simply want an ad-free option for hosting and distribution. Audioboom’s announcement that it will end free accounts

It’s been widely rumoured for some weeks now that Audioboom was about to end its free service – and this morning an email to users of the service confirmed that. From December 4, it says, “audioBoom will only offer a $9.99 monthly subscription to our current users”.

So what do you use if you want to produce mobile audio but don’t have the budget for Audioboom’s service? Here are three apps for three use cases…

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Upload Once, Blog Anywhere: Photos from Google

The Blog

Google Photos is one of the most popular ways of storing and sharing photos online. is one of the most popular ways to blog. Wouldn’t it be great if they played well together — if you could use photos you’ve uploaded to Google on your site?

We thought so, too: starting today, you can browse, search, and copy photos from your Google account right from your blog posts and pages. Introducing: photos from Google!

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