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Paid Or Ad-Supported: Pick One Model, And Stick With It | Monday Note

  Playing both sides of digital models is becoming increasingly perilous. Legacy media struggle to combine ads and subscriptions, but pure players entering the game tend to be way more decisive in their choices. The digital media sector has become unforgiving for unclear business models. Publishers of legacy media often like to play on both sides of the game: They want to imitate pure players natively designed to collect ads while preserving their legacy paid-for model. Problem is: compromise breeds weakness, no choice is often the worst choice. This trend is rooted in memories of the ancient print press revenue system. Twenty years ago, 8 dollars out of 10 came from commercial and classifieds ads; the rest was drawn from subscriptions and newsstand sales. In America, national or metro newspapers were picked-up at street-corner metal boxes for just a quarter (in Europe, the revenue structure was more balanced.) People who, at the time, were in sales & marketing positions

Source: Paid Or Ad-Supported: Pick One Model, And Stick With It | Monday Note


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