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Media Unicorns: Unbearable Billion Dollar Valuations | Monday Note

A media unicorn Unicorns base their valuations on hopes of never-ending growth. It might work for Uber or Airbnb, but it’s not a valid model for digital media whose growth relies on a structure of third party distribution and tiny ARPUs. After a week in New York and Washington, meeting with representatives of both old and new media economy, I found myself on the receiving end of torrents of explanations regarding the virtues of distributed contents. To many modern media companies, regardless of their core products, spreading editorial contents through ecosystems controlled by Facebook, Apple or Google is not just a good idea, it’s a matter of survival. Even the most reluctant join the fray. According to a publisher: “Saying that distributed content is threatening the brand is like saying that going digital killed print”. The trending strategic certainty says that playing offense requires aggressive distribution on social platforms. “The web is dead, audiences are flat”, says a

Source: Media Unicorns: Unbearable Billion Dollar Valuations | Monday Note


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