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Chrome Will Begin Pausing Flash Ads By Default, Starting In September


Google’s Chrome web browser keeps getting better. According to a new post on Google+, the company says that, starting on September 1st, Chrome will begin to pause many Flash ads by default in order to improve performance for its users. This change was first announced in June, and initially rolled out to the beta version of the Chrome desktop web browser.

At the time, Google noted that it would pause the Flash content that it deemed wasn’t “important” to you, while still allowing you to watch the videos you wanted to see. And in the case that it had incorrectly paused content you did want to view, you could simply click on the item to resume playback.

Stopping Flash content, like auto-playing advertisements, makes sense in today’s increasingly mobile world where web surfers are just as likely – if not more likely – to be surfing using an untethered laptop (or Chromebook!)…

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