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Blockfeed App Surfaces Hyper Local News


The death knell has been sounded for local journalism at regular intervals during the digital era. Craigslist ate classifieds and gobbled up the local newspaper’s business model in the process. Then social media served up a free stream of gossip from your social circle and interest groups, pulling readers’ attention away from the printed page. Safe to say, it’s been something of a perfect storm battering traditional local news media.

Yet there has never been so many sources of local news available, given the web has removed barriers to publishing, social media has got everyone accustomed to self-publishing (and self-publicizing), and smartphones are ubiquitous e-readers in everyone’s pockets. Local news is out there and people are interested in reading stuff so distributing relevant content to the right people is one new challenge.

And that’s where Blockfeed comes in. This New York city-based startup is aggregating local news sources, from small blogs to established newspapers, geolocating relevant news stories to a hyper local location — such as a particular…

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