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Back Up And Sync Your Files Inside A Mason Jar With Raspberry Preserve


Do you like the concept of backup services like Dropbox or Box but don’t want to relinquish control of your data? Well now you can keep your files safely stored in your own pantry, right next to your jars of fruits and vegetables.

An innovative DIYer has figured out a way to skillfully merge a Raspberry Pi running BitTorrent Sync with a traditional glass Mason jar. The result is a homemade service that keeps files in sync between all of your devices.

In terms of software setup, all you need to do is SSH into a Raspberry Pi and install the Raspberry Pi version of BitTorrent Sync (aptly named Raspberry Preserve), Node.js, and a few other packages. The Pi can also connect to optional LEDs, to blink or stay solid depending on whether data is currently transferring to the device.

While the original creator opted to attach his Mason jar to a wooden base…

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