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Kifi Debuts A “Deep” Search Engine For Twitter Based On Your Own Tweets


A startup called Kifi is rolling out a new tool that allows you to automatically save all the links you tweet in order to create a personalized search engine that includes those links as well as others it recommends based on what you’ve already shared. Called “Kifi for Twitter,” the company describes the new feature as something of a deep search engine for Twitter because it’s not only indexing the tweet itself, but also the actual content contained in those links you’ve shared, allowing you to more easily retrieve this information in the future.

Explains Mark Yoshitake, VP of Product at Kifi, “one of the huge problems that we’ve found is that people have a hard time recalling the wealth of information they’ve found and shared on social networks.”

As you probably know, if you’re not regularly engaged on social media and keeping an eye on your many streams, then information often…

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