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DroneDeploy Snags $9M As Its Drone Control Platform Soars Out Of Beta


DroneDeploy is on a mission to make drones accessible to industrial users who have a business need for conducting outdoor landscape mapping and monitoring. So, in other words, it wants drones to be put to work by people other than enthusiastic dorks with a gadget habit — doing tasks like helping farmers spot crop damage and disease.

It’s doing this by making a software as a service platform that makes controlling and managing UAVs much easier than it otherwise is — via a simplified web app interface or iOS and Android mobile apps. The DroneDeploy platform autonomously pilots the drone for the user so they don’t have to learn how to do it themselves.

As well as doing the mapping, DroneDeploy’s cloud platform also takes care of the data processing to speed up the entire operation — delivering processed data back to the user in real-time and in an easily shareable format so they can act on the drone-delivered intel…

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