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An Online Publisher Argues For Its Continued Relevance


Editor’s note:Brian Fitzgerald is the president and co-founder of Evolve Media.

In the digital media landscape, independent publishers are akin to magazines; they both cater to specific demographic groups and provide authoritative content that engages like-minded individuals.

Interest-based publishing has flourished for decades, spanning across publishing and broadcast platforms, connecting with discrete audiences. However, the rise of the Internet brought low barriers to entry and increased the ease of self-publishing, creating a fragmented ecosystem. As more and more ad spend moved to digital, marketers had to turn to scaled solutions because buying disparate audiences became inefficient.

As a result, social media platforms became the go-to solution for marketers because they offer wide reach at a relatively low price. And in order to compete, digital publishers have to produce sufficient inventory to offset the discounts on “sellable” inventory that have become industry practice.

This is a Herculean feat for today’s…

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